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New Roof Installations and Replacements in McHenry, Illinois

Whether you need a new roof installation in McHenr or a roof replacement in McHenry, Illinois count on the experienced professionals at Walnut Creek Designs of McHenry County to do the job for you. We are a locally owned business in McHenry, Illinois standing by to help you with all your roof replacement needs. We install and replace all types of roofs.

Choose From a Wide Collection of Roofing Materials

  • Energy-efficient systems
  • Modified asphalt shingles
  • Cedar shakes and shingles
  • Exposed fastener steel roofing systems
  • Concealed fastener steel roofing systems
  • Copper and designer options available
  • Membrane systems for low slope roofs and decks

You’ll have lots of choices among these materials for your McHenry, Illinois roof replacement. We work with designer products from various architectural styles. Having trouble deciding? Our roofing professionals of McHenry will explain your options and the pros and cons of each.

Signs You Need a New Roof in McHenry, IL

Your roof may need to be replaced if it’s suffered storm damage, water damage, or if it’s getting up there in age. The average asphalt shingle roof in McHenry, IL typically lasts between 15 and 25 years. As your roof gets older, it’ll begin to lose some of its protective characteristics. Missing or broken shingles can allow rain and snow to get into your roof’s insulation, leading to water damage, mildew, and mold. A professional roof replacement from Walnut Creek Designs Inc. of McHenry, Illinois can help to restore your roof to its former glory so you can feel confident knowing your home is protected from the elements.

When you need a new roof, you can count on our skilled roofing contractors in McHenry, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information about roof installations or to request a free estimate.

Dependable Roofing Contractors in McHenry, Illinois

Choose Walnut Creek Designs Inc of McHenry for all of your roof repair needs. If you are in need of roof repairs, turn to the pros at Walnut Creek Designs. We’re one of the top roofing companies in McHenry, Illinois and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being dependable, skilled, and honest.

No Matter the Damage, We’ll Fix It

    • Leak detection and repairs in McHenry
    • Storm, wind, and hail damage repairs in McHenry
    • Roof structure repairs in McHenry
    • Roof Repair Estimates in McHenry, IL

Our professional roofing contractors in McHenry, Illinois and the surrounding areas will inspect your roof to assess what repairs are needed. We are highly experienced in dealing with different types of roofs and can easily identify hidden damages. We’ll give you an accurate estimate of the cost and time needed to complete the roof repairs.

Roof Repair Expert Contractor McHenry, Illinois

You can be sure that our experienced roofing contractors of McHenry are well-versed in the latest roofing technologies and can guarantee perfect results. We follow the best practices for every type of roofing material we work with.

Warning Signs You Need a Roof Repair in McHenry, IL

As one of the leading roofing companies in McHenry, Illinois and the surrounding areas. As a local roofing company in McHenry, Illinois we have seen many different types of roofing damage. Some of the most common signs that your roof needs to be professionally repaired include:

Missing or broken shingles in McHenry, Illinois

It’s important to contact your roofing contractors as soon as possible to repair missing or broken shingles. When shingles are missing or broken, they can expose your roof insulation to the elements. When rain and snow cover your roof, water can get into your exposed insulation and cause water damage and mold growth. Storm damage is one of the most common causes of missing and broken shingles. High winds and flying debris can knock your roofing shingles off your home. However, older roofs in McHenry can sometimes lose shingles due to age. In this case, your roofing contractors may find crumbled pieces of shingles in your gutter system in McHenry, Illinois

Discolored or dark shingles in McHenry

When water is able to penetrate your insulation, it can cause mildew and mold growth. You may spot moss growing on your roofing shingles or your shingles may be darker in color in some areas. It’s important to have water damage repaired as soon as possible to prevent it from causing further structural problems throughout your home.

Ceiling or wall leaks in McHenry, Illinois

The number one most common sign that you need a roof repair is a ceiling or wall leak. If you notice damp spots on your ceiling or water leaking down into your walls from your ceiling, there’s a chance that you need to have your roofing shingles repaired or replaced.

If you’re looking for experienced roofing contractors in McHenry Illinois or the surrounding areas, our team at Walnut Creek Designs Inc. has you covered.

Contact us today for more information about our roof repair services in McHenry, Illinois to request a free estimate. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our local roofing services in McHenry, Illinois.

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