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Local Gutter Installation and Repair Company in McHenry, Illinois

Timely Repairs for Broken Gutters in McHenry

If you notice that your gutters are not draining efficiently or functioning correctly it is essential that you call our McHenry gutter specialists right away. Allowing your broken gutter system to function incorrectly can lead to costly damages, not only with your gutters, but potentially your roofing, siding, and/or foundation. Our gutter contractors in McHenry are equipped to replace broken hangers, reseal joints, and fix sloping issues.

Replacing Vs. Repairing Gutters in McHenry, Illinois

  • When Repairs Might Work Best
  • The Damage is “Localized” to Only One or Two Sections
  • Small & Few Holes or Cracks
  • One Joint or Seam is Leaking
  • Loose Hangers & Hanger Replacement

When Its Time to Replace Your Gutters

  • There are A Lot of Small Repairs that Need to be Made
  • Hangers Are Loose and Won’t Stay Screwed In
  • Your Gutter Sections Won’t Stay Together
  • Sagging or Incorrect Pitch
  • When You Notice Water Damage (Mold, Mildew, Foundation Issues, Wall Damage, etc)
  • Denting or Buckling – This Damage will result in Replacing that Section

Enhance Your Curb Appeal In McHenry

The outside of your home is the first thing that family, friends, and guest see when they arrive. We want to create a curb appeal that you are proud of. Quality seamless gutters installed by Walnut Creek Designs Inc. of McHenry, Illinois offers custom designs and will form your gutters on site. To keep your gutters in tiptop shape, we recommend installing leaf screens and or gutter guards.

Types of Gutters and Gutter Styles For McHenry, Illinois Homes

K-Style Gutters in McHenry, Illinois

K-Styled gutters are the most common gutter style in McHenry, Illinois. They are designed for appearance and function. If you look at a K-Styled gutter, you will notice that it somewhat resembles crown molding. This unique shape allows this style to be more durable towards impact such as ladders and falling tree limbs. These gutters also hold more water than round gutters with the same diameter, or space used.

Half Round Gutters McHenry, Illinois

Half round gutters appear exactly how you would think. These gutters look like a pipe that was cut in half. Half round gutters have been used on homes for centuries and they continue to be an option due to their large material and color options. This option is commonly used to achieve an “old-world” European look. Half round gutters are available in a heavier thickness material.

Custom Box Gutters McHenry, Illinois

All box gutters are custom designed specifically for your home. These gutters are known for their commercial solutions but can be used on houses as well. They present a modern, sleek and commercial look. Box gutters do require more maintenance than the other two styles.

Aluminum Gutters Installation McHenry, Illinois

Aluminum is one of the most common used material for gutters in McHenry, Illinois. Aluminum is a lightweight rust resistant material that has weatherproof abilities. Aluminum gutters are also available in a large variety of colors to compliment your home or business.

Steel Gutters

Seamless steel gutters have a higher water carrying capacity, when compared to plastic or aluminum gutters. This durable material requires little maintenance. This is the only material that will not expand and contract during the colder months. If you are looking for a long-lasting material that has a modern finish to it, then steel gutters may be the solution for you.

Copper Gutters in McHenry

Seamless copper gutters are known for their high-quality, sturdiness, and rust resistance. Copper is a very durable life-long product that can withstand debris impact, weather, and has a timeless presence. Not only is this material long-lasting but it presents a unique and beautiful appearance.

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